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  • mikrotik_product


    SMT Offer full range of hardware and customized support with Mikrotik Products. We are offering the following products in a good price ...

  • ip-pabx


    SMT is one of the pioneers in Internet and Internet based services in Nigeria has its history in developing Industry Standard Software, ...

  • video_conference

    Video Conferencing

    Seeing is believing. So whenever you do business or need to work on the project involving number of people scattered all around ...

  • remot_servilance_system

    Remote Surveillance

    Thanks to our wireless solution, we offer you ability to see what is happening inside or outside of your property while you ...

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    Md. Zahurul Islam
    Sirajganj, BD

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    Mr. Foo Fau
    Address XZS

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Our Service

  • ip_vpn

    IP VPN

    Hi-Performance, Secure and Reliable Connections For Remote Users And Branch Offices End-to-End Security protection – managed 24/7 by committed Experts Client to Server Secure ...

  • data_center

    Data Center

    SMT data center offer industry-leading availability while shielding our customers from future uncertainties. The Data Center facility has been designed to provide ...

  • internet_connectivity

    Internet Connectivity

    Internet Bandwidth is the core product of SMT. Dedicated link is established using fiber optic or WiMAX CPE between the gateway that ...

  • wireless-wide-area

    Wireless Wide Area Network

    Our WWAN solutions allow you to quickly, easily, and cost effectively deploy reliable, high-speed, secure wireless IP connections between multiple remote locations ...

  • webhosting

    Business Email & Web Hosting

    With no doubt, nowadays everyone needs online presence. Whether you want to Increase your sales by introducing your business to Internet or ...

  • data_backup

    Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

    We take your backup solution into the 21st century with a state-of-the-art, customized solution that secures the data and infrastructure you can’t ...

Welcome to Space Multimedia Telecoms Ltd

Welcome you to our corporate website. We are pleased to provide you all information what you are looking for.

Space Multimedia Telecoms Ltd. brand name Space Multimedia Telecoms Ltd. We believe it is relevant at this point to emphasize Space Multimedia Telecoms Ltd solutions aim to provide the following:

  • A highly flexible, robust and field proven Wireless Broadband Network connectivity to withstand harsh environmental condition and extreme temperature conditions.
  • A cost-effective solution that will address both the technical and commercial needs of our customer today and the future due to its stability and robustness.
  • A highly regarded customer service that Space Multimedia Telecoms Ltd is known for in juba, Nigeria market.

Space Multimedia Telecoms Ltd is a recognized leader in network designing; delivering and deploying broadband wireless access (BWA) solutions in Abuja, Nigeria. We have deployed the largest OFDM wireless networks in juba, bringing voice and broadband data service to subscribers. Our network enable service to the end user quickly and efficiently deploy quality voice, Internet and next-generation multimedia services. Space Multimedia Telecoms Ltd has been in the business of wireless broadband for couple of years in juba, helping to forge the way for a new kind of wireless service; one that puts the power of the internet in the palm of your hand.

Space Multimedia Telecoms Ltd learned through extensive deployments that advanced technology can tip the balance in favor of lower costs and better performance. Space Multimedia Telecoms Ltd currently plays a large role in getting affordable connectivity to all corners of the Nigeria. We have developed one of the most comprehensive and flexible internet service portfolios.